CUGC Webinar – Building a Citrix XenApp Disaster Recovery Environment? Consider NetScaler GSLB & Azure Site Recovery

As you might have seen on my socials or on the website, I presented a (my first actually) MyCUGC webinar last week – on Thursday, together with Dave Brett and Carsten Bruns. With a total of 332 registrants and 145 live attendees, it was a great, and also personal success. I started off a bit nervous, but really started enjoying it after the first 2-3 slides. I also received great feedback after the session, what decided me to do more of those webinars in the near future, so stay tuned on the speaking page of my blog in the menu!

I would like to share all the content of the presentation, see below all the information and links to the content of this webinar.

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Title: Building a Citrix XenApp Disaster Recovery Environment? Consider NetScaler GSLB & Azure Recovery

What: In this webinar, we will cover all the aspects of setting up a Citrix XenApp / NetScaler Disaster Recovery environment in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We will take you on an in-depth walk-through on how you are able to use Citrix NetScaler GSLB between your on-premises and Azure environment – to secure the NetScaler Gateway and add cloud based high-availability for your users. Presentation also includes NetScaler best practices on; Azure Configuration, (backup) load-balancing vServers, GSLB and the ability for live Q&A.

PowerPoint slide deck:

CUGC User Share Webinar recording:

Demo 1: Initial configuration Azure Site Recovery

Demo 2: NetScaler GSLB initial configuration through wizard

Demo 3: Test failover XenApp to Azure Site Recovery with GSLB

Hope to see you back soon and enjoy watching!


Christiaan Brinkhoff