How to become a Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA)?

I had to keep my mouth shut for around one week, but as of today I can finally share this publicly. I’m truly honoured and grateful for receiving the Citrix CTA award, as recognition for contributing my articles, presentation work and webinars for the Citrix Community! This is actually (besides VMware vExpert 2017 and IGEL Community Insiders program award) my 3th official vendor achievement.

Next to the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program, there is another new official Community award to get from Citrix. As you might know, the CTP program is limited to 50 participants every year. With the new CTA program you’ll have a new possibly to get recognized by Citrix! In contrast to the CTP program, is that now also Citrix Employees can be awarded as CTA for their Community contribution work, a great initiative in my opinion!

There’s no denying that I’ve been very busy on sharing my in field experiences and knowledge. Some of them are actively shared on several external platforms and different official Citrix social channels, such as a article for Citrix Blogs, holding a own MyCUGC webinar last month (145 live attendees) together with Dave Brett and Carsten Bruns, active member in the NetScaler MVP program, writing of 30 articles with an average of 15.000 pageviews a month in the last year, contributing on Citrix exams as being a SME, contributing on several external sites, such as DABCC and presenting in several public and internal events. And this is not everything…

The motivation and inspiration keeps continuing, It’s a great (also personal) journey for me – where I get many positive feedback, resulting in a lot of positive energy, which I’ll use to push my own boundaries to next levels – just as result of a continued growth and performance in my professional career.

Expect more and more great content in the next months, have a few great articles coming up! Next up on the journey is the Virtual Expo at the end of this Month, be sure you be there, Click here to reserve your seat!

This year’s CTA class are holding 69 people in total. I’ll really look forward to work with the other people that are also part of this new class of 2017 – 2018, congratulations all!

To become a Citrix CTA, you’ll need to perform and/or participate in (at least) one or more of the following community activities:

  • Participate in Peer to Peer calls with Customer Advocacy Team
  • Moderate forums hosted by
  • Continually contribute content and participate in discussions on
  • Host a user share webinar to the CUGC community
  • Be a speaker at public Citrix Community events

In addition of the recognition of being a Citrix Technology Advocate, the program also includes great benefits and privileges:

  • Hosted networking engagements at Citrix Synergy and local CUGC meetings
  • Gaining insight into confidential Citrix business and technology strategies
  • Early access to product Citrix technical previews
  • Access to a own private Slack channel with all the CTAs
  • Education discounts on several products
  • Citrix public events / customer event discounts
  • Providing feedback on product enhancements and directions to Citrix product teams
  • Members will have access to network with internal Citrix peers and can have private sessions about product feedback

Did you already registered for MyCUGC? It’s a great Community program, for the users and by the users! I’ll also share a lot of my content on, do I see you there?

Also want to be part of this program? The applications for next year’s program are already open, check out this Citrix Podio form!

See also the official announcement blog article on MyCUCG and on Citrix Blogs to see all the other CTAs!

Thanks for stopping by!


Christiaan Brinkhoff