CUGC Webinar – Building Citrix Cloud Workspaces in Microsoft Azure

At the 7th of December, I’d presented a CUGC User Share webinar on Citrix Cloud Workspaces in Microsoft Azure. This time I did it together with fellow CTA’s Gareth Carson and Carsten Bruns and we had quite fun during the webinar. So I thought that you might want to check it out.

I also wrote an article after the webinar on the CUGC website, where you’ll find all the questions and poll answers which came up during the webinar.

Overview of the webinar

Networking SIG leaders and CTAs Christiaan Brinkhoff and Carsten Bruns teamed up with fellow CTA Gareth Carson for 90 minutes packed with information on setting up Citrix Cloud Workspace Solutions in Azure, such as XenApp and XenDesktop Essentials and the XenApp and XenDesktop Service. They walked through different installation demos, including all the Citrix on Azure architectural concepts, NetScaler possibilities and why you need to consider Citrix Smart Tools. Long story short, everything you need to know before you start implementing Citrix inside Microsoft Azure, to prepare yourself for the Digital Transformation! Presentation included some participant Q&A.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Citrix Cloud Workspaces
    • XenApp Essentials
    • XenDesktops Essentials
    • XenApp and XenDesktop Service
  • NetScaler Gateway
    • NetScaler Gateway Service
    • NetScaler in Azure
  • Citrix Smart Tools
    • Smart Scale
    • Smart Check
  • Platform improvements
    • Citrix Workspace
    • Azure AD Authentication
    • Azure AD Domain Services
  • Tips and Best Practices
    • Azure Cost Calculator
    • Citrix Optimizer
    • Azure sizing tips
    • And more
  • Did you know?

Curious? watch it…!

If you missed the webinar, it’s recorded!

Please check it out now via the following link: (you’ll need a CUGC account, which is completely free without adds!)

Link to the PowerPoint slide deck: 

If you have more questions after watching the recording and reading through the Q&A below, please post them in the event forum thread here: