Yes! It’s here, it’s live, our Community Byte-Sized book is AVAILABLE NOW !

After months of hard work and community (that’s you!) efforts we’ve finally reached the point where we can say, our book: Byte-Sized: Cloud design principles and architectural recommendations are now available for purchase, the paperback version that is.

Read this blog to find out how and where to get it.

After a period of 3 months, we received a total number of 152 submissions, resulting in 300+ physical pages from all over the globe (20 countries), which we think is truly awesome.

We won’t go over the reasons and thoughts behind this project, we’ve done that a few time already. Go here and here to find out how we got the ball rolling just over 6 months ago, the initial plan, and so on.

However, what we do want to do, again, is to thank you all for your participation in this wonderful project! This would not have been possible without your help. And not just the contributors, but everyone who helped in spreading the word all over the globe.

It’s live on the Amazon book store!

Last weekend we officially launched during the E2EVC conference in Berlin, a great venue since the community spirit is extremely high. It was also there were we gave away the first few copies, a great moment, to say the least, everyone was very excited, and of course, so were we 😊

Our book Byte-Sized: Cloud design principles and architectural recommendations are currently available at all online Amazon book stores worldwide. Below you’ll find the links per country. We tried to keep costs at a minimum by handling (almost) everything ourselves (self-publishing through Amazon KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing).

The price is the lowest we could go allowed (by Amazon KDP) with a small amount on top to donate to One Laptop Per Child. We rounded it up to 10 euro’s (taxes, which differ per country, not included). Euro is the main currency, the price in all other currencies has been derived from this, meaning it will be only $11.18 (tax included), for example, and so on.

Go get it here NOW!

No more talking… Click one of the links – your country (or the one most close by) – below to order your copy.

Note, in about two months’ time we will also release a digital version which will be free of charge. As always, we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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Last, but most certainly not least, we’d like to thank our sponsors for backing us throughout the last couple of months. You’ve all been a great help and we are looking forward to many more collaborations in the (near) future.

CloudJumper, NutanixGoliath, ControlUP, IGEL, Gourami, Parallels, and Salomon IT Solutions.

What’s up next?

We also started working on various follow-up projects, all initiated from under the Byte-Sized umbrella. As you are used to by now, we’ll make sure to keep you updated on everything that’s cooking and coming in 2019 and beyond. Stay tuned.

How to keep in touch

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All the best,

Christiaan and Bas