#1 Microsoft meets Community: Azure Virtual Desktop (first edition) recap and content sharing

A huge success—I cannot say more to be frank. Overwhelmed with the number of registrations and live attendees of the first Microsoft meets Community event which happened 2 weeks ago.

“Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Due to COVID-19, we converted it to virtual-only—and in (just) a couple of months—we reach (to be specific) 2236 registrations for the event and had roughly 1200 live attendees. Originally we planned to do this event physical for 120 people at our Microsoft Office in Amsterdam. I never expected this level of attention and feedback. 

We had a great line-up of 6 Microsoft Enterprise Mobility – Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Micha Wets, Freek Berson, Thomas Poppelgaard, Marcel Meuer, Bas van Kaam and Simon Binder (and myself) with inspirational keynotes sharing the future roadmap—demos of the spring update insights and attendees were inspired by us doing such a great job…

We also declared “2020 as the Year of Azure Virtual Desktop”.

As the demand for the service increased so much – and enabled so many customers to enable them for Remote Working (WFH) the last quarter—this gives me a very good (and intense) feeling to work for Microsoft in this negative moment in our lives. Read more about it here.  

Some of the feedback of attendees.

A huge thank you for everyone involved to make this a great success—a real team effort!

  • “Hello, thanks for organizing and making AVDevent2020 the most valuable Webinar Session I have seen this year. Looking forward to the next edition. I would rather like to stay tuned. Keep the great work up!!”
  • “Great keynote. Top sessions. Was a fantastic day”
  • “It was amazing session and I’m so happy that could attend. Thank you Christiaan and all.”
  • “Hi Christian. I just attended the AVD webinar. IT WAS AWESOME!!!”

Backstage footage.

The complete day was recorded at the Microsoft Office in Amsterdam in one of the new studios. A huge thank you to everyone involved for all the professional work to record this day!

Presentations, recordings, and contact details.

You can find all the recording, slides and contact details below to keep informed about Azure Virtual Desktop! Names are in order of original agenda times.

#1 – Christiaan Brinkhoff – Opening Keynote

Download slidesRecordingTwitterBlog

#2Micha Wets & Freek Berson – Dealing with application landscapes on AVD, current and future!

Download slidesRecordingTwitter (Micha) – Twitter (Freek) – Blog (Micha) – Blog (Freek)

#3 – Thomas Poppelgaard – New Nvidia and AMD virtual machine GPU options for Azure Virtual Desktop

Download slidesRecordingTwitterBlog

#4 – Marcel Meurer – Tips ‘n tricks to automate & monitor your AVD workloads

Download slidesRecordingTwitterBlog

#5 – Bas van Kaam – The Ultimate AVD partner cheatsheet

Download slidesRecordingTwitterBlog

#6 – Simon Binder – Managing a virtual workplace using Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365

Download slidesRecordingTwitterBlog


Hope to see you at the next Microsoft meets Community event. More info soon!