Get insights about my new “Work From Home (WFH)” equipment setup – taking your remote workforce to the next level

A different kind of article this time. On request of multiple people—after sharing a picture of my new work-from-home (WFH) setup earlier today on Twitter—I decided to write this article to inspire others.

“2 years of digital transformation in 2 months” – Satya Nadella

During COVID-19 it’s more important than ever before to have a proper setup at home. The situation let us—and other large companies think that WFH is becoming normal for the vast majority of companies now as well—not highly depending on role type anymore. Read more about it here.

I’m mostly working from home anyway while I’m not traveling, and therefore it’s important that my physical (and virtual) working environment is fulfilling my needs and makes the best out of me while working remotely.

I hope you can use something out of my setup below. Don’t blame me when you occasionally decide to buy a bunch – happy (re)building! 🙂

My equipment list

Three things I’d like to highlight about the setup is (1) the Elgato streaming deck. I had my doubts about it, however, it makes really sense while using it in conjunction with the Key Lights, other home automation, and some custom buttons to switch from audio devices. Obviously, shortcuts to websites are possible as well, however, after two days it more seems to be a nice to have feature.

I’m using the (2middle-upper screen as presenter/demo screen to share my presentations via Microsoft Teams while using my main Samsung Curved UHD screen in presenter mode. The ratio on the middel-upper screen is better for others to see and using the main screen in presenter mode leaves me in a good position to not look too much to the above screen.

The screen on the right is where I mainly check social media updates, or read documentation.

last but not least, you could ask yourself the question. Why does he needs the (3) LaMetric alarm underneath the screen? Well, I removed the timer on my taskbar due to demo recordings purposes—and to be honest, it’s really fun as wel.



Monitor mounts

Docking station

Laptop stand


Stream deck

Alarm timer

Microphone (podcast) equipment




Sound speakers

Keyboard and mouse


Background lights

Background wall effect 

For the folks that love my background effect. I do agree with you. It’s not a wallpaper, it’s a real wall!

You can order them here. It’s just awesome with the Philips backlight LED effect. 🙂