#3 Microsoft meets Community: Azure Virtual Desktop (third XXL edition) recap and content sharing

That is a wrap, another great Microsoft meets Community event happened. This time with over 2000 registrations and almost 1000 attendees attended live on the day itself. The energy and vibe around Azure Virtual Desktop keep amazing me, and with all the developments around AVD this event shows that it is not going down anytime soon.

Unity is strength… when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Did you miss the event, or just want to watch it again during the holidays? This blog article includes all the slide decks, recordings, and other relevant information to stay connected on social media with the speakers.

Let us make a 4th event happening together soon. Again, THANK YOU to all the speakers, everyone who attended, and everyone’s overall support! This event was not possible without you! 😊

Microsoft meets Community event: edition #4? We need you!

Are you interested in speaking at the next Microsoft meets Community event? Sharing your best practices, field experience, or customer story related to Azure Virtual Desktop – feel free to reach out to me via social media (Twitter/Linkedin)!

Some of the feedback of attendees.

Here’s some of the feedback we received via social media directly after the event.

  • Great Presentation today. Worth staying up late for a California guy
  • This was exactly the content I needed for my current AVD project. Thank you
  • Jennys was spot-on to what I need from my project. Thanks
  • Great webinar today on AVD 🙂
  • A day well-spend. Thanks, Christiaan and Dean for organizing this wonderful event!

Session Recording

You can find all the recordings, and community contact details below to keep informed about the content and the speaker of our second event! Names are in order of original agenda times.

#1 – Desktops in the Cloud – opening session w/ Christiaan Brinkhoff and Dean Cefola!

RecordingYouTubeWebsiteTwitter (Christiaan) – Twitter (Dean) – Linkedin (Christiaan) – Linkedin (Dean)

#2 – Learn how to migrate traditional workloads to Azure Virtual Desktop and beyond – Marius Sandbu, Microsoft MVP


#3 – Customer story: Lessons learned from a zero to 20k Azure Virtual Desktop deployment – Jenny Sheerin, Microsoft MVP


#4 – Sharing Tips and Tricks on how to Manage Azure Virtual Desktop via Intune in Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Anoop C Nair, Microsoft MVP


#5 – Container up your applications: fast, secure and efficient with MSIX app attach – Patrick Köhler


#6 – Seal, personalize and automate your Azure Virtual Desktop images using a validated vendor best practices way – Matthias Schlimm, Citrix CTP


#7 – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (BCDR) options for Azure Virtual Desktop – Ryan Mangan


#7 – Closing session from Azure Virtual Desktop Engineering – User Experience and protocol updates – behind the scenes – Sandeep Patnaik, Microsoft Engineering