#4 Microsoft meets Community: Azure Virtual Desktop (fourth – One Year Anniversary edition) recap and content sharing

That is another wrap! Another successful Microsoft meets Community event happened. This was our 4th event and One-Year-Anniversary, as I started Microsoft meets Community exactly one year back in April 2020. Since then, around 10.000 / 10k community participants came together and learned from each other! An amazing milestone, which will continue to grow…

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

A great quote that reminds me of why we do events like this. I’d like to say THANK YOU to all the speakers, and all the community members who attended, and everyone’s overall support! This event was not possible without you! 😊

Did you miss the event, no worries? This blog article includes all the slide decks, recordings, and other relevant information to stay connected on social media with the speakers.

Microsoft meets Community event: edition #5? We need you!

Are you interested in speaking at the next Microsoft meets Community event? Sharing your best practices, field experience, or customer story related to Desktop Virtualization/Azure Virtual Desktop/Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune/Security – feel free to reach out to me via social media (Twitter/Linkedin)!

Some of the feedback of attendees.

Here’s some of the feedback we received via social media directly after the event.

  • Very useful content and information folks!
  • Thank you from Bulgaria
  • The platform is awesome, great event!
  • This event addresses exactly the items I needed for my project
  • The community vibe around this event is what I really like. Keep doing this!
  • THANK YOU!! You guys rock!!

Session Recording

You can find all the recordings, and community contact details below to keep informed about the content and the speaker of our second event! Names are in order of original agenda times.

#1 – Desktops in the Cloud – opening session w/ Christiaan Brinkhoff and Dean Cefola!

Recording – YouTube – Website – Twitter (Christiaan) – Twitter (Dean) – Linkedin (Christiaan) – Linkedin (Dean)

#2 – Empowering your AVD deployments with Project Bicep, experiences from the field, Freek Berson, Microsoft MVP


#3 – Secure and Manage Azure Virtual Desktop with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Aaron Parker, Microsoft MVP (veteran)


#4 – Mastering Azure Image Builder (AIB) for advanced image management – Dean Cefola, Microsoft FastTrack

RecordingTwitterLinkedinYouTube channel

#5 – MSIX packaging fundamentals and App-V migration scenarios – Tim Mangan, MVP


#6 – FSLogix – All the things you should know – James Kindon


#7 – MSIX app attach – level 500+ deep-dive & latest product updates – Stefan Georgiev, Microsoft Engineering


#8 – A deep-dive into the world of Universal Print and Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Christiaan Brinkhoff

RecordingTwitterLinkedinBlogYouTube channel

#9 – Latest Azure Virtual Desktop “demos only!” Ignite updates – Pieter Wigleven, Microsoft Engineering