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Speaking engagements

I will speak at the following conferences and local user groups:

Public Speakings events

Event: Denmark Citrix User Group (DKCUG)

Subject: How Citrix Cloud simplifies our work in real life

Date: Thursday, March 15th – 2018

Time: 30 minutes

Location: Legohouse – Billund, Denmark

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Event: Citrix Synergy 2018 – Breakout Session

Subject: Deploying Citrix Workloads on different Clouds – CTP Best Practices for a Successful Deployment

Date: May – 2018

Time: 45 minutes

Location: Anaheim, Los Angeles, USA

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Event: E2E (Expert 2 Experts Virtualization Conference)

Subject: The different ways to migrate Workloads to Microsoft Azure

Date: Saturday, June 9th – 2018

Time: 45 minutes

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Event: Virtual Expo by xenappblog

Subject: TBA

Date: Friday, September 21th

Time: 45 minutes

Location: Online

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Event: Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG)

Subject: Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud: Delivering XenApp and XenDesktop Essentials in Azure

Date: Friday, Nov 2th – 2017

Time: 45 minutes

Location: Oude Duikenburg, Echteld, Netherlands

Subject: Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud

Date: Tuesday, October 24th – 2017

Time: 45 minutes

Location: Detron Office Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Event: Virtual Expo by xenappblog

Subject: Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud: A Digital Workspace Match Made In Heaven…

Date: Friday, Sept 22th – 2017

Time: 45 minutes

Location: Online

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Subject: What’s new from Citrix Synergy 2017

Date: Thursday, June 22th – 2017

Time: 120 minutes

Location: Detron Office Veenendaal, The Netherlands


Event: CUGC Networking SIG User Share Webinar

Subject: Building a Citrix XenApp Disaster Recovery environment? Consider NetScaler GSLB & Microsoft Azure Recovery Services

Date: Thursday, August 24th 2017

Time: 120 minutes

Location: GoToWebinar (Online)

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Event: CUGC Networking SIG User Share Webinar

Subject: Building Citrix Cloud Workspaces in Microsoft Azure

Date: Thursday, December 7th 2017

Time: 90 minutes

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