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Book Project: Byte-Sized – submissions

The idea behind this project is simple, we are looking for as many Cloud design principles, best or common practices, quotes, and architectural recommendations as possible. Forget about AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, and all others, it’s the concept that matters, not the underlying vendor – 99 out of 100 times anyway. It can involve SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, PaaS, RaaS, or whatever aaS you can think of – private, public, or hybrid Cloud are all optional. General recommendations are more than welcome as well, it doesn’t have to involve technology per se.

Here are some writing guidelines to help you get started:

  • All submissions must be in English.
  • As mentioned, a maximum of 500 words, give or take.
  • No bad or foul language.
  • Your quote has to make some sense in the context of the topic.
  • Please, do not make it an advertisement, never mind the product or vendor behind it, we won’t publish it.
  • If you work for a vendor, that’s no problem. Keep your quote, advice, design principle etc. as generic as possible. We know you are all very smart and creative people, show us!
  • As mentioned, if you would like to add an image to your quote, that’s great, please do – PNG and JPEG’s only, please. We’ll take care of the conversion from there. No vendor or sponsor logo’s are allowed.

” And, don’t forget – you can contribute as much as you want!

Click here to see some examples

Next to your quote, please also leave us your name (mandatory), email address (mandatory), county (mandatory), and consider leaving us your job role (optional), the company you work for (optional, yes, even if you work for a vendor), website (optional), twitter handle (optional) and your LinkedIn profile (optional).

Update: 20.03.2019 >> check this out, The Book Byte-Sized project is donating to charity!

That’s it. If we have any questions regarding your submission we will try and contact you as soon as possible.

Read the complete announcement article here.

All the best,

Christiaan and Bas.

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Submissions are closed!

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