Mastering Windows 365: The ultimate guide to designing, delivering and managing architectures for Windows 365 Cloud PCs that users and IT love 

Excited to discover the future of Cloud Computing and Modern Management? Authored by experts from the Windows 365 product group and a seasoned Microsoft MVP, this book offers a unique perspective on the features, functionality, and best practices of Windows 365. Drawing from their rich experiences and insights, the authors provide invaluable knowledge for those eager to learn about the next generation of cloud computing. Get ready to gain deep insights into this cutting-edge technology from industry insiders.

This book covers different objectives and uses cases while using Windows 365 Cloud PC, what are the requirements for access controls, accessing organizational data and apps, how to enable new Windows integration, Windows 365 deployment, licensing, provisioning policies, creating custom images, networking setups, and so on. Additionally, this book also covers how to create dynamic device groups, user settings, security, app assignment, device management, point-in-time restore, monitoring performance, end-user experiences on Windows 365 Cloud PC, and troubleshooting. The book also delves into how partners can extend Windows 365 to address your diverse needs.

Forewords written by Panos Panay, Ken Pan, and Scott Manchester.