Mastering Microsoft Intune: Deploy Windows 11, Windows 365 via Microsoft Intune, Copilot and Advance Management via Intune Suite 2nd Edition

Get ready to master Microsoft Intune and revolutionize your endpoint management strategy with this comprehensive guide and and provide next-level security with the Intune Suite

This edition is up to date with the latest changes, including Microsoft’s rebranding of Intune and its enhanced support for various operating systems and Conditional Policies. With a focus on device security, the book teaches you to protect corporate data on personal devices through app protection policies, encryption, PIN requirements, and data sharing restrictions. Gain control over device updates, security patches, and software updates to shield your organization from malware and security threats. Simplify app management, from installation and removal to updates, all while ensuring device security by blocking unauthorized apps.


Forewords written by Steve Dispensa and Scott Manchester