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Configure Citrix ADC – NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN in Azure as Point-to-Site VPN replacement, using multiple network interfaces

Citrix just upgraded their NetScaler VPX in Microsoft Azure (official article). There were some limitations before the upgrade that I mentioned in one of my previous blogs. Most of them are now gone, what makes it possible to take NetScaler deployments i …


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Migrate from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.x in just a few steps, using the Citrix Cloud Smart Tools

As you probably know, on 22nd December 2016, Citrix renamed their Lifecycle Management Services to Citrix Smart Tools. In short: The tool that provides service delivery management – Cloud-based control – to optimize, build, scale, check, and migrate existi …


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Install and Configure XenDesktop 7.13, including Windows 10 (MCS) virtual desktop

As you probably know already, Citrix just released a new Current Release version of their XenDesktop/XenApp software last week. Just as every new version, it includes new features and all the fixes.

In last year, 2016, Citrix released over 4 new releases, …


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Install and Configure StoreFront 3.9, including the new NetScaler integration import

Citrix just released their latest XenDesktop/XenApp 7.13 Current Release version, and like always, it includes an new version of StoreFront (3.9).

So in addition to my other blog, How to install and configure XenDesktop 7.13, including Windows 10 (MCS) vi …


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Using Azure MFA as Citrix ADC – NetScaler RADIUS using the new NPS Extension

Last week, Alex Simons (Director of PM) from the Microsoft Identity Division team did an great Azure Active Directory – MFA feature announcement on Twitter.

The big news that came out was that Azure MFA won’t requires an fully on-premises MFA server in …


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Setup and configure a NetScaler 11.1 VPX in Microsoft Azure, including NetScaler Gateway (ICA Proxy) configuration

In addition to my previous blogpost, How to Build your Citrix Disaster Recovery environment in Microsoft Azure, and of course, when you need to proceed the NetScaler setup in Azure for your own Citrix (hybrid) environment, I created this blog article, to …


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Build your Citrix Disaster Recovery environment with Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

One of the great Platform Services of Microsoft Azure is DRaaS, what stands for Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service or also named as Recovery Services in the Azure ARM Portal. A simple, cost-effective and fast solution to build up a complete Recovery Site in th …


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Install and configure Citrix XenApp 7.12, including Windows Server 2016 (MCS) and Local Host Cache

Last week Citrix released their latest XenApp / XenDesktop 7.12 version, what includes many new features, with one in particular, the (re)introduction of the Local Host Cache functionality. The feature to keep your Citrix FMA environment available for new …


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Back-up your Citrix NetScaler VPX with NetScaler Management & Analytics System (MAS)

Back in the days, the only official method to backup your Citrix NetScaler devices was to use Citrix Command Center. Since Citrix released their NetScaler MAS (Management & Analytics System) in June 30, 2016, there was a new kid in town that can do the sam …


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Install and configure NetScaler 11.1 Unified Gateway (VPX)

One of the great features that is available for the NetScaler since the release of version 11 / 11.1, is the built-in wizard to configure Unified Gateway trough a “simple” step-by-step wizard. The wizard is an easy way to configure all the “most frequently …